We are a Southern Baptist Church.  We are part of the Southern Baptist Convention, an association of over 50,000 churches with a combined membership of almost 16 million members.  For more information about the Southern Baptist Convention visit their web site at

We are a partner with the Baptist Convention of New York (BCNY).  The BCNY partners with churches to lead all peoples to become Christ followers by reaching the lost, developing healthy believers and healthy churches, and starting new churches.  For more information about BCNY please visit their website at

We are a partner of the NJNet (North Jersey Network), a new Southern Baptist association of churches in the northern half of New Jersey.  NJNet includes churches representing many cultural groups, including African-American, Anglo, Hispanic, Korean, Filipino, and Haitian.  The NJNet officially began on January 1, 2009.  For more information on the NJNet please visit their website,